Project Description

The NanoSol project was launched in order to validate commercial performance of SOL's innovative production methodology for creating nanowire films and encapsulating them into film solar cells, ready for integration with traditional Si-solar cells into high performance tandem modules.

NanoSol adds a novel value-enhancing manufacturing step to the solar module production chain (production of the nanowire- based film). The project will also have a more local impact on leading European clusters developing this technology, in particular the Lund nanophotonics- cluster (QuNano/University of Lund/Glo in Sweden). The film based solar cells also provides the potential for small solar PV manufacturers to move with higher value modules, enabling further reshoring of PV manufacturing.

The project addresses EU-Wide Challenges highlighted in the Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy Societal Challenge and Work Programme (reducing raw materials use in renewable energy generation, improving energy production efficiency, promoting European cutting-edge advanced materials innovation, high-end technologies and products, and enabling on-shoring of jobs in a critical and growing manufacturing market), particularly Competitive Low-Carbon Energy (LCE). NanoSol additionally supports the aims of the Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials Societal Challenge, and the project has natural links with many topics inside the Industrial Leadership element of Horizon 2020, including the Nanotechnologies (NMP) work programme of Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT), and the Innovation in SMEs topic.