A nanowire-based solar cell film

The NanoSol project to commercialize the film based solar cell is implemented in three phases:

Phase 1: Feasibility study, already implemented without EC funding

  • Manufactured a prototype GaAs NW cell to validate concept performance, demonstrating world record performance in external benchmarking.
  • Created advanced prototype Aerotaxy manufacturing processes and facilities.
  • Created advanced prototype film manufacturing processes and facilities.
  • Performed extensive market survey activities, verifying market interest, entry segment and pricing.
  • Secured early adopter PV device manufacturers' support for commercial trials.

Phase 2: From prototype to commercially viable product (this project)

  • Mature and integrate all Aerotaxy processes into a pilot production plant.
  • Mature and integrate all NW film processing techniques into a pilot production plant.
  • Manufacture prototype film based solar cells ready for integration into tandem modules.
  • Benchmark solar cell film performance.
  • Integrate solar cell film with modules from trials partners, both at SOL and at partner sites.
  • Evaluate performance of the resulting tandem modules: both technical and commercial.
  • Maximize potential market adoption of the solar cell film through market awareness, communications, dissemination of results and building a user association.

Phase 3: Scale-up, commercialization and market launch including scaling from 20x20mm active module size, and reduction of costs to costing model entry level.

The commercial trials that will be performed on the film solar cells will consist in two main parts; certification and customer trials. Certification and qualification of our cells will consist of standard performance, safety, and stress tests and will be conducted by external test institutes. For more information on these processes, see for instance the TUV website. Customer trials will aim at integration of our film solar cells at customer sites on PV cells and modules for validating the technology. We are actively looking for interested PV partners.